Kris Spisak at Grammartopia-ChesterfieldWhat is Grammartopia?

When we think about grammar, often we think of the dry instruction we received in school or the intimidating jargon we never quite learned. But strong grammar is essential to powerful communication, no matter the form or genre. Grammartopia® is a game-show style panel, where three to twelve contestants battle it out for grammar prowess in this entertaining and educational program. What was the punctuation mark first found in graffiti of ancient Pompeii? A member of what boy band once left the stage mid-concert to correct a fan’s sign? Should we “flesh out” or “flush out” an idea? Prizes for winners and audience members include book edits, professional development workshops, free books, and more.

Author and Editor Kris Spisak developed Grammartopia as a community program to share the communications reminders of her book, Get a Grip on Your Grammar, which was published by Career Press in 2017. Grammartopia has been held in library, indie book store, school, and business settings, and has recently been broadcasted on tv.